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The car paint and scratch repair professionals!

Minor scratch repair can be carried out with our mobile service using market leading technology, equipment and products. Damage, such as scratches, can be picked up from everyday driving or an act of vandalism. Our mobile service saves you time, money and the hassle of taking the car to a body shop to be repaired. Our strict repair methods involves firstly covering the vehicle, only exposing the areas to be repaired. The colour code is then located, mixed and colour matched on site using a state-of-the-art paint scheme.​ Scratches from branches or hedges brushing along the panel may not require paint work and can simply be paint corrected. This process includes wet sanding the panels with fine abrasive and polishing back to a glossy finish.

MotorCure can get your car back to its former condition with our extensive knowledge and passion for achieving superior quality repairs. This is backed by our 5* reviews on Google and TrustPilot

Finding the perfect match

When carrying out a car body repair, we ensure each colour is mixed and matched to your vehicle before any repair work starts. Once we are confident the colour is perfect, only then do we continue to repair the damaged areas and then fading into the existing paint leaving a seamless repair.

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