Alloy Wheel Refurbs

Kerb Damage


Wheel scuffs


Full Colour Change

Local Alloy Wheel Repairs

We provide high quality wheel repairs at our fully equipped workshop in Southfleet. As you know, replacing a car wheel that has been damaged is never normally cheap. We offer viable solutions at a competitive rate to ensure that you will never fork out more than you have to to get your car up and running again. Whether your wheels have suffered corrosion, kerb damage, scuffs or if you fancy a colour change, your local team at MotorCure can help.

Complete wheel colour change

Changing the colour of your wheels can completely transform the look of your car. We offer a full colour change service to a colour of your choice to a very high standard.

Alloy wheel refurbs Dartford & Gravesend

Alloy Wheel refurbishment for wheels with a standard painted finish is the most popular service we offer. Whether you require repairs to your corroded or kerb-damaged wheels or you’d simply prefer them in a different colour, the alloy wheel refurb process is very straightforward.

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