Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Kent


Paint Protection Film (PPF) Installers Based In Kent

PPF has rapidly become a must have for any high end, luxury or classic car with pristine or factory paint. PPF prevents a majority of what the harsh british conditions has to throw at it, whether that be stone chips, scratches and scuff plus much more. 

So what is paint protection film?

Glad you asked! Paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane often self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions and in some cases even minor accidents which would have scratched the paintwork. Keeping the original factory paint on high end and supercars helps retain as much value in the vehicle and gives you peace of mind if you plan to use the vehicle.

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Partial Front

Front bumper
Half bonnet
Half of both wings
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Full Front

Front bumper
Full Bonnet
Full wings
A pillars
Mirror covers
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Full Body

Coverage of external painted panels
Protection to exterior carbon pieces
Satin finish available
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10 Year Guarantee
The protection and self-healing qualities of paint protection film are intended be benefits you’ll enjoy for the entire time you own your car, and beyond. The film comes with the most comprehensive and competitive warranty that usually runs about 10 years.
Scratch Resistant
Paint protection film is great at protection from minor scratches. Things like getting scraped by a shopping cart, kids playing in the driveway, passerby’s rubbing on your car with studded jeans, or tree branches. These types of scratches self-heal.
Self Healing
The mere act of putting your car in the sun for the film to heat up triggers the self-healing molecular qualities of the paint protection film. The scratches and marks just disappears. Hot water will do the trick too.
Chemical Protection
Paint protection film protects against chemical etching. Bird droppings and bugs rotting on paint usually causes a chemical reaction with paint that leaves a permanent mark. PPF is not affected by these chemicals and prevents unsightly marks.
Customisable Options
We can provide different protection options suited to your needs and requirements. This can range from protection vulnerable areas for track use and doesn't just stop at cars exterior panels.
Stone Chip Protection
Stone chips from pebbles and small stones on the road is what gives the front of vehicles that “peppered” look after a couple thousand miles. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it after a while. PPF protect agains this since gravel just bounces off leaving the paint completely unharmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is paint protection film?

PPF or Paint Protection Film is a polyurethane (plastic) film that is transparent (clear), tough and flexible.

How do I take care of the PPF once installed?

Maintenance of PPF is straightforward and easy. Regularly clean your vehicle with mild soap and water, using soft cloths made of microfiber. This simple routine ensures your vehicle stays in top-notch condition. However, steering clear from public car washes is recommended to not void your warranty.

Will my paint be damaged by PPF?

Rest assured, PPF will not harm your vehicle's paintwork. In fact, PPF enhances your vehicle's look by shielding it from various minor damages like stone chips and scratches that can build up over time. Furthermore, removing PPF is a harmless process that leaves your vehicle's paint intact and unscathed.

How is paint protection film installed?

First, we’ll carry out a maintenance wash followed by a clay bar decontamination, then a one stage polish (for front end and full coverage packages only) finishing off with panel surface preparation.Then we apply the Film using a specially formulated gel solution – we use a range of squeegees to ensure that there are no creases or bubbles after application and that no corners or edges of PPF are visible.

Can I wax or apply ceramic coatings to PPF?

Yes, you can add a ceramic coating or wax over PPF. Some films come pre-coated, but adding a thicker ceramic coating can be good in some instances. Also, for older film, cleaning it up and adding a ceramic coating can rejuvenate the film and improve its looks and cleaning ease.

How effective is paint protection film on modern paints?

Modern paints are an improvement over classic paints in that they usually have more than one stage of paint and include reliable clear coats. Oftentimes, these original paint coats are baked on at the factory making them rather strong and resilient. Compared to many single stage classic paint jobs, this can make them better and longer lasting. However, the movement towards being more eco-friendly has also made some modern paint more susceptible to scratches and rock chips. A layer of paint protection film adds an amazing level of protection for your original paint no matter the manufacturer. It really is a no-brainer. It’s going to protect your paint.

How long after a spray repair should I apply paint protection film?

It would be required to refer to the paint technical data sheet which will specify the recommended waiting period before waxed or vinyls are applied to the paint surface. You would have to refer back to the bodyshop for this information.

Can paint protection film be removed?

Yes, PPF is very easy to remove and will not leave any marks or residue if done correctly.