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Car Wrapping In Kent

Wrapping a car has grown in popularity massively within the UK but why? Firstly, changing the colour of your car via a respray is very expensive and certain factors such as reverting back to its original colour will cost about the same. Vinyl also has other benefits such as protecting the original paint from the like of road rash etc.. and when you get bored of the wrap or want to sell the car, just peel it right off and you are back to orignal form!

Partial Car Wraps & De-Chroming

Partial car wraps could be for vehicle sign writing or accenting certain features of the vehicle such as roofs, bonnets, mirrors etc.. Another common option is to De-Chrome the vehicle to provide a more stealthy or blended in look. We cover all aspects of vehicle wrapping and are happy to chat and assist in transforming your vehicle to make you stand out and be different.

How Much Does A Wrap Cost?

A cost of a wrap will be based on many factors such as brand of vinyl and particular colours, size of the car, whether you want a full wrap with or without door shuts or whether you want a partial wrap. We advise it is always best to give us a call or pop down to our studio in Southfleet, Kent and we can go through your requirements and view our huge variety or colours and brands

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